Artwork Guidelines

At XY Workwear, We aim to provide the highest quality customisation on your product.

To give you the best finished look on your personalisation, we require fully vectored artwork, displayed in the correct pantones that you require for your brand with any fonts in your logo converted to outlines. Here’s how to optimise your artwork files for perfect reproduction.

Artwork Formats

The ideal format for your artwork, no matter which production method is used, is fully vectored artwork. With vectored artwork, we will be able to produce crisp edges, sharp corners and smooth curved lines. When you compare this to a low resolution image, as you zoom in, you will see the edges become blurry and pixelated. If we use this to produce your design, the end result can be jagged edges with rolled corners and shifted alignments hence unusable. For our XY DIGI TRANS, we can use your raster/bitmap image files, however we would recommend:

  • CMYK file format
  • 300 - 900dpi
  • To use a transparent background behind the artwork
  • No shading or glowing added outside your artwork edges To save the file as a .pdf, .eps or .jpg
  • If you do not have a high resolution image, we may be able to redraw it for you which would be subject to charge.

If you do not have a high resolution image, we may be able to redraw it for you which would be subject to charge.

Pantone colours

Before you upload your artwork, please convert any colours in your branding to a Pantone (PMS coated colorbook codes only) So that we can match your garment personalisation as closely as possible to your logo/branding.

Outlining Fonts

Please ensure any fonts in your logo are converted to outlines or curves. This changes any text into a vectored item and cannot be changed. Should we receive artwork that contains a font that we don’t have then we may not to be able to create the visual for your order and may cause a delay.

Line weights & Text Size

Any lines in your artwork design orpart of your text should be bold enough to be used in any of our methods. Please make sure any lines have a minimum weight of 1pt / 0.35mm. As a guide for any text in your design, it should be no smaller than 5mm in height, depending on the font.

Visual approval

When you have placed your order and uploaded your artwork, we will check that your file is usable and send you a visual proof for you to see and ensure everything is correct. Should there be any amendments required, you will have opportunity at this time to make changes to your artwork.

When the visual proof is correct, you will need to approve the artwork as we will not proceed to production until approval has been received.

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